Advanced Retail & Service Systems Management Software was developed more than 20 years ago in conjunction with several retail Sales and Service Dealers. Our program was designed to meet the specific needs of the Appliance and Electronic Retailer. It has been our commitment over this time to continually update our system as both the industry and technology evolve.
In 2006 we completely redesigned our software to a Windows based design. We kept all of the existing functionality and created more user-friendly screens. This means there is less time training and you can be up and running with our software program faster than ever. We have also incorporated all of the latest technology into our new design making our system completely mobile as well. Your salespeople no longer have to be restricted to working at a desk.  They can move around the sales floor. We realize that great customer service is key to the success of your business. Our system has been designed with this concept in mind. From sales to service your customers will be impressed with the information that you are able to provide them in a fast, detailed and organized manner.

 In an effort to make Advanced Retail & Service Systems affordable for any size business we have several options to help get your company computerized no matter how many computers you need. You now have the option of having your own server on site or connect to and store your data on one of our secure off site servers. You decide which option works best for you.

Just as important as your software is the technical support that comes with it. We utilize a software program that allows us to access any computer on your network with an internet connection at your request and with your permission only. This allows us to view and discuss exactly what you are seeing on your screen. This has proven to be useful tool for both training and support that saves hours of your time on the phone.

We are committed to making the transition to our system smooth and efficient. You are running a business in an industry that cannot afford down time. This is why we include training with every system sale. Depending on the size and specific needs of your business we offer online training sessions, or up to 4 days on on-site training. If you opt for the on-site setup and training, we will send a training specialist to your business for up to 4 days. This person will work with you and your employees to ensure that our system is implemented quickly and properly. We will help you set up efficient procedures to streamline your business as well as give you valuable tools to improve sales and customer service. We can input all of your inventory data before your system installation allowing you to learn how to use our system in your own store environment with your own data.