• Features and Functions

  • Purchase Order System
  • LIFO or FIFO for parts in real time
  • Bar Code Scanning, Use manufacturers labels, or print your own
  • Inventory Aging Reports
  • Physical Inventory - Reconciliation using bar code scanning
  • Complete serial number tracking
  • Transfer serialized and non-serialized items between multiple locations
  • Multiple price levels and automated pricing updates
  • Track sales floor inventory
  • Track financing information (pay as sold or scheduled pay)
  • Track service truck inventory
  • Import model information from third party price tag software


Improve Margins

Better Inventory Control

Reduce Labor Costs

Bar code scanning saves hours of manual labor required to key in received items or reconciling physical inventory. You will no longer waste time locating inventory or determining availability of product. All of these tasks will now be done for you with a few simple keystrokes