• Features and Functions

  • Both In-shop and outside on screen service scheduling
  • Automatically fill in service data using customer sales history
  • Track advertising at time of service ticket entry
  • Flat rate pricing is available with corresponding repair codes
  • Track parts checked out to technicians to insure inventory control
  • Upload warranty service claims to warranty processing websites without reentering data
  • Dispatching can be set up at time of Service Ticket entry or done later by the service manager
  • Complete customer service history
  • Technician commission and time tracking
  • Track number of trips to complete calls
  • Track Bill-to and Ship-to Customer


Increased Profits

Track how long and how many trips are necessary to complete jobs and adjust pricing to compensate. Control ratio of warranty calls to COD calls to increase cash flow. Uploading warranty claims saves hours of manually reentering data on websites

Better Customer Service

You will be able to idenify which customers have purchased from your sales department and offer priority service as a benefit. They will be impressed that you have all of the information nescessary to schedule a call. They will not have to repeat information they have already given.

Improve Routing and Scheduling

Schedule technicians based on city/zip code and day. Avoid costly trips from one end of town to the other end or to outlying cities. With access to an on screen schedule you will know exactly where you techs are going and when.